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Asus Cerberus Keyboard and Mouse

Cerberus KB & Mouse -

The Asus Cerberus Keyboard and Mouse combo!

For most PC gamers, having the right peripherals is as important as having the right hardware. If you’re looking to get some hardcore gaming done on your PC, a conventional office keyboard isn’t going to cut it. Normally, we’d recommend you to check out the pricey Razer BlackWidow Chroma. But since it’s the New Year and most of us have an almost empty bank account right about now, we figured we’d do a review on something that gives you more bang for buck.

Asus is well-known in the gaming world for its “Republic of Gamers “ series of products. But does this set of peripherals live up to its Brands legacy ? Let’s find out shall we.

Out of the box, the Asus Cerberus Keyboard looks like your typical ROG hardware, rugged and sexy. If you’re looking for a good back-light keyboard that won’t break your bank, this would a top contender. The Keyboard comes with 4 different levels of light settings, for varying levels of ambient light in 2 different colors, Red and Blue.
Did I mention the lights have a speed adjustable breathing mode? Pretty sick indeed.
You can control the lighting levels by the two dedicated keys. The back-lighting is pretty consistent, so you don’t have to worry about it leaking.

Cerberus Keyboard -

When you play MMO games like World of Warcraft, you’ll have a row of skills stretching across your entire monitor that you’ll need to access right away. You can use the number keys on your keyboard, but you can access them more efficiently from an Asus Cerberus Keyboard, Since it comes with 12 easy-to reach macro keys, programmable with a single keystroke. This is a pretty big deal for those who like to play games like Dota 2 or League of Legends. And they come in handy if you’re heavy Photoshop user as well. Oh and there’s also a set of media keys, making it pretty easy to switch tracks while in-game. Pretty neat considering this is a budget option.

The design of the keyboard is pretty interesting.
At a glance, you can tell that the rugged design is quite durable and will withstand continuous hours of rigorous gaming sessions. This mainly due to the fact there’s a full SECC metal plate on the inside. Nothing short of ROG.
The fully rubberized feet provides enhanced friction, so no matter the surface, Cerberus Gaming Keyboard stays immobile no matter how exciting your gaming session gets.
This Keyboard is no pushover (Geddit?)

Considering the price point, it’s worth noting that this Keyboard is also splash proof. The keyboard has been designed in such a way, that you don’t have to worry about frying your keyboard due to an accidental liquid spill. Let’s be real, we know Gamers eat on the fly. So a spilled drink is only inevitable. An integrated drain hole helps stop liquids from seeping into the keyboard. So if you do have the misfortune of spilling a drink, all you have to do is hold the keyboard face down and you’re good to go.

The keyboard has an anti-ghosting feature, allowing you to pull off those combos that help you “finish him/her”
It’s also worth noticing that Asus included a Windows key lock, thereby preventing you from tabbing out during an important team fight. The keys are membrane-based with rubber domes, giving you high tactile feedback, which makes typing a pleasure and are quiet as well.
The keys try to mimic mechanical Red switches, and do a somewhat admirable job of it. Making it comfortable and resilient. While it’s not the same as buying a mechanical keyboard, it’s quite worth it comparing the price point.

As for the mouse,
with a comfortable shape, textured grips it has an ambidextrous design which allows for both palm and claw gripping. The device wasn’t made specifically for one genre of gaming, but it handles FPS, RTS, MMO or anything in between with fluidity and precision. Making it’s pretty versatile for a wide range of gamers. Equipped with a 2,500 DPI optical sensor, it has agile DPI control. 4 customizable DPI levels that can be changed on the fly with a LED indicator.

Cerberus Mouse - iTalk.lkCerberus Mouse -

If you’re into MOBA games, a mouse with numerous buttons isn’t always necessary. The Asus Cerberus mouse follows this philosophy to the core. Providing a nimble, comfortable, minimalist mouse with very little as possible between you and the game. Whether you’re a casual MOBA fan or looking to go pro, Asus Cerberus’s elastic, responsive buttons and shape that’s designed to keep your palm firmly in place make it a good choice. Considering its relatively economical price point, this mouse is pretty easy on the wallet

Tl;dr; When considering the above points, Asus has done an excellent job at creating a Keyboard-Mouse combo for entry-level market that lives up to its ROG line…
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