The best 34″ Gaming Monitor in Sri Lanka

Asus PG348Q Vs Acer X34

A top performance Gaming Monitor is every gamers dream. Here's what we think about the top two brands and models available in Sri Lanka. Asus and Acer had been playing a major roll in the local gaming industry when it comes to monitors and lets check out the availability of the

Introducing the NEW 9th Gen Intel Core i9 Processors

After a lot of rumors and leaks finally Intel announces their newest 9th Gen processors on the 8th of this month at their Fall Desktop Launch Event. At the event Intel introduced their newest playing card to the market "The Best Gaming Processor in the World" they call it the Intel


Samsung SSD X5

More good news for people who are passionate about portable storage solutions. Samsung has launched their first ever NVMe (non-volatile memory) based SSD (solid state drive) called the Samsung Portable SSD X5. The Samsung Portable SSD X5 is specially designed with "Thunderbolt 3" technology with 40Gbps bandwidth which enables ultra-fast transfer

Asus ROG Gaming Mouse Lineup 2018

With the Asus Republic of Gamers series becoming the de facto choice for gamers who want premium hardware, it’s a no brainer that Asus would expand the ROG line-up with an extensive line up of peripherals. Ranging from low-end budget options to premium high-end products, you can find a host

Asus – First to launch 8th Gen Coffee Lake Motherboards in Sri Lanka

Asus 8th Gen Coffee Lake

  Asus at it once again, They are the first to launch 8th Gen Coffee Lake Motherboards in Sri Lanka and now available with their authorized distributors. The arrival of the 8th Generation Intel processors otherwise known as Coffee Lake processors marks the latest launch of a new consumer-oriented desktop platform this year, these new

Gigabyte FORCE K85 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Gigabyte Force K85 Gaming Keyboard

Gaming has been and becoming more intense in Sri Lanka and Gigabyte as one of the leading hardware brands in Sri Lanka has penetrated the local gaming community in various ways. Today its about the Gigabyte FORCE K85 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Looking at some of the main features of the FORCE

Asus Corporate Stable Models

Asus CSM

The main difference between Corporate Stable Models and Regular Lineups is that if you compare the same two components with similar features, The Corporate Stable Model would be, a slight  more. Is it really worth it ? Is there a difference in the parts used ? In a simple answer, yes. The extra

Picking a Performance Laptop

Pick a notebook

Defining a “budget” for a performance laptop can be tricky, so we’re going to be dealing with laptops that pack quite a punch on both performance and your wallet. Also, no Macs. Some people may disagree, but you can’t have performance and Mac in the same line. They’re polar opposites. Now

What makes Asus Monitors stand out from the rest


When it comes to sick gaming laptops and a spectrum of PC hardware like Motherboards and GPUs, Asus is one of the big brands that comes to mind. However, Asus has been busy with expanding its horizons into other areas of the PC industry as well. The more powerful today’s