The best 34″ Gaming Monitor in Sri Lanka

Asus PG348Q Vs Acer X34

A top performance Gaming Monitor is every gamers dream. Here's what we think about the top two brands and models available in Sri Lanka. Asus and Acer had been playing a major roll in the local gaming industry when it comes to monitors and lets check out the availability of the

Xbox One will Support Keyboard & Mouse

Xbox One and Razer

All though there's no confirmed date, Microsoft confirms that keyboard and mouse support will be enabled on Xbox One in the coming weeks. With the new feature developers will be able to build mouse and keyboard support in their games. So basically its up to the developers to decide if

Kanchayudha – The first ever Sri Lankan digital combat encounter

"Kanchayudha - The first ever Sri Lankan digital combat encounter,  based on Sri Lankan historical characters and events which targets the users to drive themselves in to a whole new world of Sri Lankan traditional warfares" This is how the creators of this fantastic looking PC Game describes their extraordinary