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First Mini PC with the Chinese CPU

Chinese CPU

We’ve come across many Mini PC products from china but this one is about to unveil is one of the first-ever Mini PC’s with the CPU manufactured in China by a Chinese company called Ruijie Networks. The said Chinese CPU KaiXian KX-U6780A in the Mini PC Ruijie RG-CT7800 with Zhaoxin KaiXian chip is embedded into the motherboard of the Mini PC and it’s making it’s way to many products as notebooks, motherboards, micro-servers and mini PC’s.

According to web gossips products with the so-called Chinese CPU will be available to purchase in the near future and with Ruijie launching RG-CT7800 Mini PC with this Chinese CPU it’s said that office work with Linux OS is a piece of cake. and here’s a little bit of details on the Mini PC System itself.

KX-U6780A the Chinese CPU is a 16nm technology built CPU with 8 Cores. The speed of the CPU is 2.7GHz with 8MB Cache and no turbo mode. Designed with Ball Grid Array type as mentioned above the CPU is embedded to the motherboard. The motherboard has 2 DIMM slots and the system comes with 8GB memory and 256MB SSD storage. And the most important part is that the system is promoted with UOS (Unity Operating System) broadly known as Linux OS.

The X86 Chinese CPU also has the capacity to run Windows OS in this system. Even though the 2.7GHz 8 Core Chinese CPU performance would not be competitive with the newest Intel & AMD CPU’s China has kept one huge step on getting into the race with Intel & AMD.

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