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Gigabyte Colombo Launch Event 2018

Aorus Colombo Launch

One of the leading PC component brands in Sri Lanka Gigabyte invited us to their Colombo Launch Event 2018 on the 18th September 2018. The event was jointly organized by their local distributors Redlington SL (Pvt) Ltd & Spectra Innovations Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. The event was mainly focused on their newly launched product lineups,  recently released RTX graphic cards and some structural changes they are about to make under the main brand. And they did mention few words about the 9th Gen motherboards which is to be released in near future, where they said they will brief us about the products once it is released.

Talking about the new Gigabyte product lineup apart from their main PC component products motherboards & graphic cards they have already released Gigabyte SSD‘s & Memory stick’s. According to Mr. Yi-Yun Li and Mr. Yasir Naseem who are representatives of Gigabyte Taiwan & Sri Lanka we are to expect more exiting products from them where the users will end up experiencing a fully branded PC.

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