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Google Loon / Sri Lanka / Internet Island Wide…?

Google’s Project Loon….!!!

What’s Google Loon & What Sri Lanka will get out of it by launching the project?
Simplest & shortest answer we could provide to the above questions are Project Google Loon is a project where they launch balloons in to the air (Which will be navigated by wind) and provide wi-fi internet coverage to rural & remote areas in the island so that people live there will be connected with the modern world too.

Will we get free internet…?

Since the Sri Lankan government signed a M.O.U with google to launch loon project in Sri Lanka we’ve heard people talking around that in near future everyone will get free internet. The way we see it, that is something will not happen since even though google loon is here in the country they will have to tie-up with a service provider like SLTDialog, Mobitel, Etisalat etc.. to provide the facility which at that point as usual you will end up paying your monthly bills to the service provider.

Advantages with loon…

Talking about what kind of advantages we as Sri Lankans could expect out of Google’s Loon Project, is one good question we came up with. And for now what we could see is, if the loon project continues in the country where ever we go we will get easy access to the internet via wi-fi.
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