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Kanchayudha – The first ever Sri Lankan digital combat encounter

Kanchayudha – The first ever Sri Lankan digital combat encounter,  based on Sri Lankan historical characters and events which targets the users to drive themselves in to a whole new world of Sri Lankan traditional warfares” This is how the creators of this fantastic looking PC Game describes their extraordinary piece of work on their facebook page.

According to the creator’s of Kanchayudha, the game will take the players where they can play and experience being in charge of one of the 10 giant warriors in king Kavanthissa’s era of Sri Lankan history (Example – Nandimithra, Velusumanna etc…). While creating Kanchayudha, starting with the game name and from the characters to language (multilingual subtitle support) the creators have been cautious enough to keep almost everything in this game to be 100% Sri Lankan which is why they call it the first ever Sri Lankan digital combat encounter. Looking back at the PC Game industry in Sri Lanka, there have been many games which was created and was popular among young Sri Lankan boys, but beating all Kanchayudha for sure will make history in local PC Game industry.

Arimac Lanka (pvt) Ltd is the back bone of this whole project & there’s a team of about 25 young talented Sri Lankans working around the clock to make Kanchayudha the best ever locally created PC Game. The game would be released as episodes and there will be 12 episodes in total. To know more about the game, Colombo Comic Con is happening this week from the 9th to 11th December and on the 10th Saturday there will be a 1 hour session on Kanchayudha from 11AM to 12Noon. Also there’s an ongoing competition on Kanchayudha official facebook page where you can share their POST on your wall and collect likes as much as you can so that winners will walk away with a free Kanchayudha PC Game DVD & a booklet from ARIMAC.

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