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Being one of the leaders in computer hardware industry few weeks back MSI (Micro Star International) introduced one of their new products MSI VR BOOST KIT. Since Nvidia came up with their new 1000 series chipset graphic cards seems like this is one of the best supporting product’s you will come across.

What is VR Boost KIT

The simplest way to explain what is VR Boost KIT is, It’s a easy way of connecting your VR components to the PC without digging in to your PC back panel. Once you have fixed your VR boost KIT to the computer you’ve got all the ports you need to experience right in front of your eyes. the 5.25″ bay makes it easy as connecting a DVD writer to your PC.

The 2.25″ drive bay features two USB 3.0 ports & a HDMI port in the front panel which helps to connect the VR headset to your PC. And the MSI VR Boost KIT is connected to the PC with a stylish expansion slot bracket (Silver or Black) which connects the HDMI cable neatly to the graphics card.

Quick Tips

For a very good VR gaming experience use MSI 1000 series gaming graphics cards, and don’t forget to use the MSI Gaming app for more easy features like which allow gamers to quickly switch between OC, Gaming and Silent performance modes, depending on their needs.
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