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Powered by ASUS

Powered by Asus

The best part about being a part of the PC Master race is that you can build your Desktop PC in any way you see fit. Whether it’s your budget or your desire to build a powerhouse, you can easily customize your build to suit your needs. But what if you’re one of those with the just the money and no prior experience in building a rig/no knowledge in PC components?

It’s a given that building a PC can be quite a daunting task to the inexperienced and uninformed. There’s plenty that could go wrong. Your Casing might be too small to accommodate your motherboard or GPU, your power supply may not be able to provide enough power for your GPU, you might end up buying the wrong RAM for your motherboard, you might end up frying your components with Electrostatic discharge or even ruin the thermal paste layer on your CPU. The list goes on.

Fortunately, there’s been a trend in Boutique System Builders and Their Hot-Rod PCs. These custom PC builders will pretty much help you with everything you’re looking for in a PC, provided your wallet allows it. Whether it’s a dual GPU setup or a water-cooling system, they’ve got you covered. While there are plenty of 3rd parties who build custom PCs, It’s unheard of to find Custom built PCs from big names in the PC industry. Up until now that is.

One of the world’s leading PC components producers, Asus is teaming up with system build partners to bring us “ Powered by Asus “, aimed at users looking for the best bang to buck ratio. While ASUS has a proud history of being the number one manufacturer and innovator for motherboard products over the last few decades, it has developed and manufactured other components like GPUs, Sound cards, Optical drives, etc. and peripheral devices like Wireless LAN routers, LCD monitors, etc. around the motherboard.

Asus components are designed by the world’s top research and development teams in Taipei. The relentless efforts in search of incredible have routinely pushed the boundaries of innovation to suit the very needs of different user groups and usage scenarios. Taking advantage of its strengths Asus is making it possible to offer to its customer’s total solutions with state-of-the-art technology. As with any Asus ROG product, it’s a given that you’ll get Amped up gaming performance combined with a very eye catching exterior, at

A Powered by Asus system is not just any system. It is a high performance, long term investment that is tailored to suit your gaming as well as performance needs. You can expect to see a ROG range of motherboard with an Intel CPU at the core of your Build, Flanked by a ROG GPU to give you that extra FPS boost you need while gaming. You have the benefit of both your CPU and GPU being factory overclocked and easily fine-tuned with Asus’s ROG suite of software tools. Thanks to the ROG motherboards inside, you can expect top notch connectivity options with your build, as well as ear orgasms with ASUS SupremeFX audio for all your listening needs. You can expect to see high frequency Kington’s HyperX Fury chips to handle your multitasking habits. As for the storage, you have a wide range of setups to choose from. Mostly hybrid setups with a SSD as your primary and a HDD as your secondary. Ensuring blazing fast startup times and reliable storage.

With a pretty powerful setup, it’s no surprise that your rig is going to generate enough heat to fry an egg on it. You can expect efficient cooling systems ranging from your standard air cooled systems to custom built liquid cooling systems. To top it off, you get warranty on your components for any damage a potentially defective liquid cooling system would cause. All of this custom hardware is contained in a plethora of great looking, sharp angular chassis with excellent build quality and amounts of detail. Personally themed panels and funky LED lighting built in. Don’t forget the neatly routed cable management on the inside.

You also have the option of adding more components in the future, all thanks to the spacious case design. The end result of it all is a powerhouse of a PC which can easily handle the latest games at 1080p with the settings maxed out. The cooling system makes sure your gameplay is as quiet as possible, even under full load. Even though you might end up paying a bit more than what you’d spend on building your own PC, The amount of craftsmanship and aesthetic quality you receive is extremely hard to replicate. Not to mention the custom cases and cooling systems you won’t find anywhere else.

Creating the build and then crafting a high quality, well thought out gaming PC is like a piece of art. Time, talent and care is put into creating something that is greater than the mere sum of its parts. And, like any noteworthy piece of art, there is a skilled artisan behind the scenes that makes the magic happen. The magic of a Powered by ASUS system is given courtesy of the hand selected, premium reseller partners chosen to be part of the Powered by ASUS program.

In a sentence, it’s clear to see that Powered by ASUS is for those who accept only perfection.

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