Our contents are meant to inform and expand the tech community, and there is tremendous value in the audience that we reach and costs involved with the work that goes into producing and publishing contents. To move closer towards a more smooth-sustainable operation, our guidelines for handling and publishing submitted articles (PR’s, Reviews, News etc…) are as follows

iTalk.lk accepts articles from any individual or group with an interest in all kind of new technology based products. Articles covering Computers, Mobile Devices, Gaming Events, Launch Events are all accepted. If there’s some sort of news that you think should go out to the community, we’d be happy to hear from you.
Submitted articles may be published as-is in a specified section on our home page or used by iTalk.lk staff as a source for editorial content. Once an article is submitted to us, iTalk.lk reserves the right to manage content as we see fit for publication.
To submit articles simply send an email to info [@] italk.lk, preferably with words and photos separately.

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