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Asus ROG Gaming Keyboards

Previously, we covered a range of Asus gaming mice at different price points. So naturally, the follow up to that would be a review of the gaming keyboards Asus has to offer. While gaming mice are mostly targeted towards gamers, Asus gaming keyboards can appeal to a wider range of users. Writers and Coders can also benefit from the features and craftsmanship of the gaming keyboards Asus has to offer. With that being said, let’s begin this review of Asus gaming keyboards.

Asus Cerberus

The OG keyboard from Asus, the Cerberus is the older sibling of the Cerberus MKII. While most keyboard around this price point are often lackluster in design quality, one of the key selling points of the Asus Cerberus is its impressive build quality. Built with a full SECC metal plate to increase overall rigidity, the Cerberus will last you through hell and back, and back to hell and back. Made out of black, high-quality plastic construction, the Asus Cerberus’s durability is comparable to more premium options. Measuring at dimensions 471(L) x 186(W) x 41(H) mm and weighing in at 1100 grams, the Asus Cerberus is a full-sized keyboard that will accommodate all kinds of users.

Featuring drain holes and a spill-proof design, the Cerberus is perfect for those who like to crack open a cold one while gaming. The cable is 2m long and braided, offering some durability and resistance against wear and tear. Flipping the Cerberus, you’ll find 5 fully rubberized feet to ensure that the keyboard is in place no matter how intense the gaming session is. The 3 bar drain holes are also present on the back of the keyboard.

The membrane rubber dome switches on the Cerberus feel very responsive and more tactile than the run of the mill switches you’d find on a budget gaming keyboard. As a gaming keyboard should, the Cerberus has a healthy dose of RGB lighting. With single zoned backlighting, you have the choice of either a lovely shade of blue or a flash gamer-esque red. You can also alternate the backlighting between static and breathing lighting effects, with 4 different brightness levels. It’s also worth mentioning that the Cerberus also has macro capabilities, with up to 12 programmable macros, 6 dedicated media keys and Anti-ghosting with 19 key rollovers. The Asus Cerberus keyboard is an amazing option for budget-oriented Gamers who want gaming grade features without having to break the bank.

Asus Cerberus MKII

A fully refreshed and updated follow up to the Asus Cerberus, the Asus Cerberus MKII is more feature-packed than its predecessor and is only slightly more expensive. Built with a full SECC metal plate, as the Cerberus, you can expect rugged durability from this keyboard.  But the durability doesn’t stop there. The Cerberus MKII features a splash-proof design with a drain hole, which protects the keyboard against any kind of liquid spills. The keyboard also has 5 fully rubberized feet on the bottom for enhanced friction during intense gaming hours and a 2m braided cable just like its predecessor.

While the Cerberus MKII does feature membrane rubber dome switches, that doesn’t make it any less worthy of being called a gaming keyboard. With single zone RGB lighting, the Cerberus MKII has on-the-fly customizable backlighting with 343 different color combinations, 4 different lighting levels, and 10 different breathing speeds. The 12 macro keys easily execute in-game commands with just one single keystroke, giving you the edge of having tactical flexibility. The Cerberus MKII also features ant ghosting capabilities with up to 19 key roll over, as well as a windows key lock and a rapid fire mode.  As an added bonus, you also get a set of red colored WASD keycaps and a wrist rest for the keyboard, which is quite welcome for a budget keyboard. All things considered, the Asus Cerberus MKII is quite the bang for the buck.

Asus Strix Tactic Pro

While the previous two Asus keyboards we covered were more budget oriented, the next two are premium keyboards offered by Asus. As expected from a premium keyboard, the Strix Tactic Pro comes in exceptional packaging, detailing every key aspect of the keyboard. Along with the keyboard itself, you get 4 alternate orange WASD key-caps, with a little key for replacing them. At a glance, you can easily tell the Strix Tactic Pro apart from most premium keyboards. The unique design, makes it easily stand out in the crowd of gaming keyboards. With rounded, but pointed corners to it, and with an edge that falls off at an angle – less than 90 degrees, the Strix Tactic Pro is quite the striking keyboard. With a matt black finish and orange accents around the control pad and media keys, the Strix Tactic Pro doesn’t immediately come off as a gaming keyboard.

No, this is classier than your regular gaming keyboard. With a choice of black, blue, brown, or red Cherry MX switches, the Strix Tactic Pro is engineered for superiority, whether you want to game, code or write on it. These high-quality switches have a lifecycle of 50-million keystrokes – more than 10 times that of conventional keyboards. They’re also fantastically tactile and brilliantly responsive, so you’ll up your actions per minute to the max. With the highest specification N-key rollover and anti-ghosting technology, every key press is registered on the Strix Tactic Pro, no matter how many keys are held down at once. With 13 dedicated and ergonomically placed macro keys, the Strix Tactic Pro allows for hassle-free and fast command customization. The customization doesn’t stop there. You even have the option of reassigning F1-F8 as macro keys for a total of 21 single keystroke commands.

The Strix Tactic Pro also comes with an on-the-fly macro-recording key, so you can capture action and keystroke sequences without interrupting your game. While the media keys are more or less common in most gaming keyboards, the volume control wheel gives the Strix Tactic Pro a more premium feel. To go along with the classy, minimalistic aesthetic, the backlighting on the Strix Tactic Pro produces a matching orange glow with additional breathing effects. As with most gaming keyboards, the Strix Tactic Pro has a 2m braided cable with a gold plated connector. The Strix  Tactic Pro is a competitively priced mechanical gaming keyboard with a solid build and features, that will appeal to both gamers and typists.

Asus Cerberus Mech RGB

Literally the definition of a sleeper agent, the Cerberus Mech RGB has a minimalistic approach when it comes to its design. Clean and sharp, the Cerberus Mech RGB lacks any extra buttons and knobs, making it look nothing like a gaming keyboard. That is until it’s turned on and RGB backlighting activates.  Clad in the trademark black most standard keyboards and mice use, the Cerberus Mech RGB measures in at 450(L) x 150(W) x 30(H) mm slightly smaller than most full-size keyboards. Don’t let this fool you though, the Keyboard still weighs in at 1250 grams and has a solid and durable build that will certainly put up with a lot of wear and tear. With a with a choice of black, blue, brown, or red Kaihua RGB switches, the Cerberus Mech RGB is engineered for precision, whether you’re a gamer or a typist. These high-quality switches have a lifecycle of 70-million keystrokes – more or less 14 times that of conventional keyboards.

They’re also fantastically tactile and brilliantly responsive, for both gaming and writing. With the highest specification N-key rollover and anti-ghosting technology, every key press is registered on the Cerberus Mech RGB, no matter how many keys are held down at once. The Cerberus Mech RGB also offers on-the-fly macro recording, with the recording of up to five different gaming profiles. As with the Strix Tactic Pro, you you get 4 alternate orange WASD key-caps, with the little key for replacing them. The main attraction of the Cerberus Mech RGB is however, the per key RGB backlighting. With the entire color gamut available, the Cerberus Mech RGB has a choice of millions of vivid colors. The RGB lighting is available in six presets that can be customized: Static, Breathing, Color Cycle, Reactive, Wave, and Explosion.

You can also create a custom preset with your own effects and colors. A suspiciously simple looking gaming keyboard that boasts a ton of great features, the Asus Cerberus Mech RGB is certainly the best premium keyboard on the market right now.

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