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Samsung Unveils the Incredible 16TB SSD

Samsung 16TB SSD

While many leading flash memory manufacturing companies try their best to show off their products, Samsung was able to grab everyone’s attention at the 2015 Flash Memory Summit which was held in California last week. Samsung announced their new PM1633a – 16TB SSD (precisely 15.36TB) making it the world’s highest capacity SSD.

The Samsung PM1633a’s incredible 16TB capacity is a reality today thanks to Samsung’s new 256 Gigabit (32-Gigabyte) 3D NAND flash chips. Samsung has positioned 500 of these chips in 48 layers inside the new Samsung SSD to make the drive a 16TB SSD. Since they are using quite a bit of chips and layers to build the SSD the drive is as twice as thick than a standard 2.5inch hard drive.

Samsung also revealed at the summit that it can read and write data 2x faster than the previous version of NAND flash chip based SSD’s and the new PM1633a SSD’s are much more power efficient than other standard SSD’s. Samsung is to officially make an announcement on available & pricing of the PM1633a 16TB SSD in near future.
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  1. @Vimukthi – Samsung hadn’t mention anything about the SSD being a external drive to connect to USB 3.1… Lets hope they come up with the idea… We have to wait and see… 🙂

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