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Skylake The New Members of Intel CPU Family

Intel’s 6th Generation Skylake CPU’s are the new members of Intel CPU family. Skylake Core i7-6700K & Core i5-6600K are the two processors released last week and the other Skylake series processors are supposed to be released at the Intel developer forum which will take place on August 18, 2015 in San Francisco, USA.

The Core i7-6700K processor is a quad-core CPU with hyper threading and 8 Mb of L3 cache and the Core i5-6600K processor which is also a quad-core but without hyper threading and only 6Mb of L3 cache.

The 6th Generation Skylake K series processor fits in to motherboards with socket LGA 1151 which will support DDR4 memory modules. This new Intel Skylake K-series processors are going to be a step forward for gamers out there for its improved overclocking capabilities meaning that the Skylake K-series processors are unlocked so it can operate at higher frequencies neglecting the rated frequency by overclocking.

And for now the good news is whoever shifts in to the new skylake processors will have a PC with very good overclocking capabilities, and the bitter part of the story is since the skylake processor is only compatible with motherboards with the new LGA1151 socket & supports DDR4 memory, along with the processor you will have to invest on a new LGA1151 motherboard & DDR4 memory module too.
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