Why Asus M-Disc

Ted and Robin have been together for 10 years now. Every moment of their life together from the time they started dating, to them getting married and starting a family was well documented by them, friends and family. Stored on their PCs hard drive, it was simple to archive their

Asus ROG Gaming Keyboards

Previously, we covered a range of Asus gaming mice at different price points. So naturally, the follow up to that would be a review of the gaming keyboards Asus has to offer. While gaming mice are mostly targeted towards gamers, Asus gaming keyboards can appeal to a wider range of

AMD to capture 30% of CPU Market

AMD Ryzen

As you all know by now Intel is facing a production shortfall on their 14nm processors and with their 10nm (Cannon Lake) production delay AMD gets the battle ground opened up for them. According to DigiTimes in Q4 2018 AMD CPU market share will jump up from its current 20 percent

Asus – First to launch 8th Gen Coffee Lake Motherboards in Sri Lanka

Asus 8th Gen Coffee Lake

  Asus at it once again, They are the first to launch 8th Gen Coffee Lake Motherboards in Sri Lanka and now available with their authorized distributors. The arrival of the 8th Generation Intel processors otherwise known as Coffee Lake processors marks the latest launch of a new consumer-oriented desktop platform this year, these new

Asus Corporate Stable Models

Asus CSM

The main difference between Corporate Stable Models and Regular Lineups is that if you compare the same two components with similar features, The Corporate Stable Model would be, a slight  more. Is it really worth it ? Is there a difference in the parts used ? In a simple answer, yes. The extra

ROG Masters Sri Lanka 2017

ROG Masters Sri Lanka 2017, the local qualifier of the professional world-class eSports tournament ROG Masters 2017 took place last weekend (CS:GO on the 29th & DOTA 2 on the 30th) at Crescat Boulevard with a local prize pool of LKR 450,000 and it was two days of awesomeness and exiting

ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Maximus IX Extreme

The BEAST Motherboard from ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) Maximus IX Extreme is back with the 7th Gen interface, the seriously powerful new Z270 gaming motherboard that’s expertly tooled to be totally cooled, with an integrated monoblock for water-cooled performance right out of the box. To create this all-new water-cooling solution,