AMD to capture 30% of CPU Market

AMD Ryzen

As you all know by now Intel is facing a production shortfall on their 14nm processors and with their 10nm (Cannon Lake) production delay AMD gets the battle ground opened up for them. According to DigiTimes in Q4 2018 AMD CPU market share will jump up from its current 20 percent

Intel to Release Graphics Card In 2020

Intel to release graphics card....? Yep you read that right...!!!  Last year Intel hired Ex-AMDer Raja Koduri to head up its new Core and Visual Computing Group and via Twitter disclosed the new graphics cards will be available to market in 2020. This is not the first but the 3rd attempt

Intel Compute Stick – The Computer in your Pocket

Intel Compute Stick Mini PC

Intel Compute Stick - The Computer in your Pocket. The title gives you a hunch of what we are gonna bring you guys today. Yes its all about the Intel's smallest computer that fits in the palm of your hand called the Intel Compute Stick. This tiny device from Intel is able to

ASUS Z170 Series Motherboards in Sri Lanka

Press Release ASUS announced a complete lineup of Z170 motherboards designed to maximize the potential of 6th-generation Intel® Core™ processors. The high-end ROG and mid-range Pro Gaming motherboards, feature-rich ASUS Signature, and TUF Series motherboards feature exclusive technologies that ensure better performance stability, ease-of-use, and comprehensive upgrade options. These motherboards are

Skylake The New Members of Intel CPU Family

Intel’s 6th Generation Skylake CPU’s are the new members of Intel CPU family. Skylake Core i7-6700K & Core i5-6600K are the two processors released last week and the other Skylake series processors are supposed to be released at the Intel developer forum which will take place on August 18, 2015

Intel Splits the Atom into Three New Brands Read

Intel has announced it will be re-branding its line of Atom processors from the complicated jargon-filled codenames of yesteryear, to a streamlined, consumer-friendly “Atom x” family of miniature CPUs. Arguably one of the best moves Intel could have made for itself was re-branding its tired line of Pentium processors to the new “Core”