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The Compute Plug – Microsoft Show Off

Computex 2015 is ON, and everyone has started showing off their new technology products to the world. Microsoft showed off a whole range of windows 10 enabled PC’s & devices and the most eye-catching one has been the The Quanta Compute Plug.

The unit is so small that looking at it you could end up thinking it’s just another ordinary power plug which you use everyday. But giving it a closer look, the unit comes with two USB 3.0 ports & a HDMI port which will allow the user to easily connect the device to a TV or monitor and use it as a HTPC.

Microsoft announces that the Compute Plug can be controlled using Cortana and a Bluetooth remote or headset, and the unit will run almost any windows home theatre software available. Currently the sad news is Quanta hasn’t stated any details about hardware used for this device.
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