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The Latest Gaming Luminous Memory Module T-FORCE XCALIBUR

The mighty king’s sword XCALIBUR is here. As you all know TEAMGROUP is one of the biggest memory module manufacturers in the world and this time they have come up with their latest gaming luminous memory module T-FORCE XCALIBUR.

” The king’s sword will dominate the industry by the outstanding unique design and extremely high-speed experience. Along with the gorgeous special edition and the simple general version with two ultra-high frequency DDR4 3600MHz and DDR4 4000MHz, T-FORCE XCALIBUR will fully satisfy global gamers who love building their own PC, meanwhile, it will also show the solid strength and the charm of T-FORCE product series in leading the global gaming market ” says TEAM group on their official website.

The T-FORCE XCALIBUR will continue to have the design concept of the ultra-wide-angle force flow effect, using the full color and dazzling RGB LED lighting with the full range, 120° ultra-wide angle luminous area at the top that emits colorful bright light. And they add unique totem element on the light guide for special edition with innovative ideas. As powerful and dazzling as a king’s sword, the T-FORCE XCALIBUR has a full color synchronized changeable lighting effect. The lighting can be controlled and synchronized through TEAMGROUP’s exclusively developed T-FORCE BLITZ(Beta version) or ASUS Aura Sync. After synchronization, there are up to 8 types of built in lighting effects available to play around with.
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