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TriHexa-666 Powerd by Asus at Infotel 2016

The TriHexa 666, Anyone know whats this about….? Continue to know about TriHexa 666 powered by Asus which was a main attraction at Infotel 2016.

Even if you’re a complete beginner, Building a PC is easier than ever now. You can follow a guide online and put together your own PC and have it up and running in a couple hours. But building that PC is just step one.  Step two is making it look enticing. If you’re after a PC that resonates style and exhumes power, it’s time to dip your toes into the world of case modding.  It’s not as complicated as it sounds.

Normally, case modding can be as involved as building custom parts, or as simple as a new paint job. But this year at Infotel, Asus decided to showcase a case mod that has never been seen in Sri Lanka before, the first of its Caliber.

The TriHexa 666 Demon, a case mod that takes on the shape of a Fire breathing dragon. Daenerys Targaryen would be proud!

Made out of Scrap metal and illuminated with red lighting for its accents and eyes, this Beast instills fear and looks as powerful as it runs. Powered by top of the line Asus components, the TriHexa 666 Demon can rip anything to shreds.

Attracting a huge crowd, it’s so no surprise this case mod was one of the main attractions at Infotel 2016. With all the attention the TriHexa 666 Demon received, it’s no surprise Asus is preparing yet another case mod. Keep your eyes peeled!

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