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Why Asus M-Disc

Ted and Robin have been together for 10 years now. Every moment of their life together from the time they started dating, to them getting married and starting a family was well documented by them, friends and family. Stored on their PCs hard drive, it was simple to archive their memories and stroll down memory lane. Life was going well for Ted and Robin, they had just celebrated their 10th anniversary and took a honeymoon to Europe to celebrate. But disaster struck when they got back home. Unknowing to them, a pipe leak had led to a flood in their home and submerged their PC tower. While they did manage to recover most of their possessions and claimed insurance for the damage done by the flood, their hard drive full of memories was unrecoverable due to the extensive water damage. Fortunately, Ted had the habits of making backups. A recent upgrade for their PC, Ted had purchased an Asus optical drive. Thanks to the included M-disc support, Ted had backed up their archive of memories on M-discs that easily withstood the flood.

With the added M-DISC support, Asus’s series of optical drives provide archival-quality storage to protect your precious photos, videos and data for 1,000 years or more. How’s that for back up?
Built into the external drives, disk encryption II give you double security with password-controlled and hidden-file functionality by using AES 256-bit encryption. Securing your files with no compromise.

Employing futuristic designs, the key factors of Asus’s range of external DVD and Blu-ray writers are portability and simplicity. Taking a minimalistic approach, there’s not much else to the optical drives, aside from the USB port on the back and a socket for the supplied vertical stand (depending on your model). Available in a host of colors and designs, these product will look more like an eye-catching ornament on your desk, than an external optical drive. The Diamond-cut Design give the external drives a sleek aesthetic finish. The lattice-like appearance of the drive is inspired by diamonds, making the product unique from every angle.

Having both USB type A and USB type C support, Asus has connectivity covered by offering both cables in the box. With no need for an external power source, you can easily power the external optical drives via USB. Natively compatible on Windows and Mac OS, you won’t have to worry about installing drivers or finding yourself stuck with an incompatible drive. Just plug and play. In theory, these external drives could also give you optical disc reading capabilities on certain smart TVs.

Bundled with Nero BackItUp for Windows, Asus’s optical drives make it easy and comprehensive to back up your valuable information – photo, video, and data. However, If you don’t like fiddling with an additional software, fret not! Drag-and-burn enables 3 easy steps to complete disc burning, an Intuitive burning interface in only 3 simple steps to burn a disc. The external drives also come bundled with CyberLink Power2Go 8, E-Green and CyberLink PowerBackup software suites, as well as free unlimited Asus Webstorage for 12 months.

As for performance metrics, the external drives differ drive to drive, depending on whether they’re a Blu-ray drive or a DVD drive as for the external DVD drives, Reading speeds are in the order of 24X for CD-R and CD-RW, 8X for DVD-RW and DVD-R DL. CD-Rs are written at 24X, CD-RW at 16X, DVD-R at 8X and DVD-R DL at 6X. Measured at lower decibel levels, the external drives operate quietly and do not add to ambience noise. Weighing less than 300g, makes them easy to carry with you in a laptop bag.

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